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Manually forcing a cargo move even if no demand at station?


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Hello, long time player and recently I decided to reload RRT3 onto my hard drive again. :)

As the title suggests, I cannot remember if its possible to load/stockpile cargo from various stations to a central station.  I have been trying this lately with no luck.  As far as I can tell if there is NOT a demand for the item you cannot move it to that station.  If this correct?

As an example I am playing the scenario "Alternate USA".  I need to move 35 cars of corn to a particular territory.  When I set trains to haul only that cargo, they will not, they travel empty.  As far as I can tell, it is because there is no "DEMAND" shown for the item at the destination when mousing over it from the station of origin. :(

Any thoughts, opinions?


I really miss the older versions that allowed you do move anything anywhere. :(

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Start a train to where cargo is wanted, then after the train loads and leaves trhe station change the trains route to where you want it to go.  You gain delivery count but may not make as much money.  I also miss the drop shipping of RT2.

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