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The great tax robbery

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It has been slow here except for people downloading maps, so I think I will tell you a true story about a great tax robbery.

It seems the local garbage company discovered that about 3000 people in the city of Kent do not have garbage pickup.  Some haul their own garbage to a local collection area and some were sharing the garbage service of another. (mostly eldery low income people who live alone and don't generate enough garbage to fill a can of their own)  The complant to the city was that the city was being robbed of tax dollars on the collection fees for these people who don't have garbage pickup.  Well, the city solved the problem.  They told the garbage company to send a bill to every address in the city and the city will back this up with a law that requires every address to have and pay for garbage service even if the address doesn't use the service.  Now who is robbing who.

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It's the same way in the town I live in. You have to pay for their garbage service whether you want to use it or not.

The way they know if you live in the town is that they have their own Electric company (which you have to use) and the garbage collection fee is on your light bill.

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