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Multiplayer questions

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Okay, so I think I've got the RT3 basics down now, and I'm itching to see what it's like to play against a real human being.

1) Where is the best place to meet people for online gaming?  I read the post that talked about gamespy.com but that seems geared only for Windows folks and I have the Mac version of the game.  I assume online gaming is cross-platform, correct?

2) What is a good scenario to play for a multi-human game?

3) If anyone here would like to take me on let me know.  I have played all the factory scenarios and generally play at the Hard level, with varying degrees of success.

Thanks for any help...


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Hello Rikki,

1) I recently founded a website to find other RT3 Multiplayers. I am now "promoting" it on several RT3 pages to find people to participate. It

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