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Weather records


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The weather according to the newspapers, is said to be different the last few years.  But then maybe it is more a news event then a real event.  Our newspapers nation wide, play up the small things into big things and often just don't tell the truth.

With todays record snow storm in New York state of about 2 or 3  feet of snow, to those in the storm it would seem bad.  But a few years back I had it snow 8 feet in one day, then rain the top two feet off the snowpack forming a 3 to 4 inch layer of ice, then it snowed another 6 feet on top of the ice for a 12 foot depth in 4 days.

from the plowed highway I was able to press a garage into the soft snow under the ice layer with my jeep pickup, but was chicken to go into the snow for more that about 7 or 8 feet.

I guess it all depends upon where you live.   The railroads have had their share of deep snow in the passes through out history.

We just had a record number of days with rain and a record number of wind storms over a 6 week period.  Yet the total amount of rain was under 15 inches for an average of under 1/2 inch per day.  While I did have some trees fall in the 60 mile-per hour winds,  they were sitting on rain soaked ground.  The winds were nothing like the winds that hit our gulf coast last year. 

One of my falling trees flatened my neightbors fence at a point where he had built his fence on my property.  Another neightbor's tree flatened his fence where he had built his fence on their property.

It was ironic how the wind targeted him.  The two trees fell toward each other.   He and his wife were not happy campers.

Back to the weather:

It just gos to show what we have missed in the history of that came before our time.  The reporters must be very young or they don't like to read about history to have learned. 

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walked around to the other side of my neighbors property to see what other damage may be there.

Talk about something being ironic.  I found two more spots where the neighbors fence was down.  In both places the fence was off his property on two other properties.  While the four of us didn't complain, The wind took offence and removed the trespassing fence. 

It was a good walk as I found about 30 roofing nails scattered in my drive way.   Interesting life living near Seattle.

Heard on the radio this morning that Seattle Schools, the largest district in the state, demoted 1 in 4 of the 10 grade students that started school this year, back to the 9th grade.  A new law requires 10th grade students to pass a new test near the end of the school year.  9th graders don't have to take the test.  It will be interesting to see if the students get a promotion back to the 10 grade after the state testing time has passed.

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