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New Very Small Map


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This Map has a disappearing Station that stays usable and farms that operate but can't be seen.

It even has an invisable city.

The name is Sink Hole Island a 5 year map with only a GOLD Win and a lose event.

There are 11 other events that are status or doing count for the Gold event.

You should be able to win on this small map with 10 to 12 locos for a quick game.


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Hi Gw. Played this twice and 2nd time I got close. Missed out on loads (only 515) and CBV ($6.5) took me another 14 months to get loads by which time CBV was over $8m. Nice idea but a few oddities occur - like lines to some places are real hard to place for no apparent reason but when you do succeed and place a station it says connected - and you can run trains - but no station shows up on the map! Anyway as I hate long scenarios this one suits me fine ;D ;D ;D

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Thanks for the reply.

I was trying to make loading spurs without a station.

I wasn't very successful. Although, the oddities that resulted (invisible station etc,) were such that I decided to make it into a map with some events. 

I like short games as well.

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