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Optimizing Servicing to a Minimum, But Adequate Level


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I am a newbie and would like to make sure that I am not causing unwarrented delays due to servicing.

You may be able to answer easily if it is true that  no train will stop at a service tower or maintenance shed unless it needs too.  Can anyone confirm If this is the answer?

Otherwise, are there any delays possible if I build too many maintenance sheds?  Through experimentation, I have been able to determine that trains probably stop at service towers if necessary.

My trains currently stop a virtually any maintenance facility.  I don't know if that is because I have managed to build just the right number of them in order to fill their needs or thatthey stop at every one.  Of course, this delay reduces the amount paid for the cargo.

Any comments and hints most welcome.

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They do not usually deliberately stop at every one. You must be spacing them very skillfully. I think they usually have tobe down to 40-50% left before they will stop.

Others can correct this impression. Some have studies this very closely.

All the best

Welcome to RRT3


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