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Please tell us about multiplayer compatible maps here!


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Since the legend isn't up and running, I thought I would make an attempt to gather up a list of the maps that are compatible with multiplayer. So please tell me/us which can be played in multiplayer here!

So far:

The Baghdad railway http://theterminal.dune2k.com/?p=rrt3-files-maps&id=481

By the way, I don't know if it's Jessie Reid or someone else who's sorted them, but Baghdad is not in Europe!:) Ok, maybe 1% of the map is in Europe, but it definitely belongs in the Asia category imho.

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You remember correctly, Gobalopper.

The reason I think it belongs in the European section is based on statehood and history, rather than geography.  The Ottoman Empire was a part of the European concert of powers in the 19th century. Over the course of its history, its most important political and cultural relations were with Europe, rather than other Asian states.

In terms of railroad management and equipment, too, the Ottoman Empire was closer to Europe than to Asia.

In a similar case, the Trans-Siberian Railway, I would also argue that it belongs in the European section, for much the same reasons.

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