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Small Risk map (proof of concept for a real RISK map)


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I wanted to create a RISK kind of map. In the first year everybody gets acces to all countries, but in the second year, you only get acces to the countries where you were best + its neighbours. You are "best" if you haul most loads to that country. When you supply your "frontline countries" with more loads than your opponent, the frontline moves up.

Because I wasn't sure how those events would work out, I created a smaller version (with only 5 countries instead of the whole world). Now I've got the events allright, but this test map is actually pretty fun to play (although a lot might depend on the maps randomization). So I decided to upload it here.

Try to play this one @ expert level, and try to disable your oponents as fast as possible (lock them out of every country). I think this would make a good map for a quick multipalyer game too.

If you find any problems, please report them here. Thank you and have fun.

PJay[attachment archived by Gobalopper]

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