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Trigger formula help


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I found on the internet a description/translation of the following trigger:

CompanyTerritoryLoadsHauledFromLifetimeToTerritory(x) -

translation- The number of car loads hauled lifetime FROM the current territory to the territory passed in as a parameter(x).

My question is: What is the "current territory"?

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works like this:

The first 'Territory' in the formula (underlined) stands for the one you specify in the small box just above the big trigger conditions box.  You enter the number of the territory into that small box. Lets call it territory A.

The second 'Territory' in the formula (italics) stands for the one you 'pass in as a parameter'. In plain English, that means that, when you write out the formula, you replace the x with the number of the second territory, which we'll call B.

The function will count all loads hauled from A to B.

So if Terr. A is no. 1, and Terr. B is no. 2, your formula reads


You'll also need to put '1' into the small box in the 'test against territories'-line.

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