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RRT3 Patch v1.03


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Phil from Pop Top has posted a message over at <a href="http://www.gathering.com/forums/index.php?c=10">the official forums</a> about what the next patch will fix. Here is the list, subject to change of course.

<blockquote><b>Version 1.03 Changes</b>


The 1.03 patch fixes bugs, adds a number of frequently requested interface features, and also has two major gameplay balance adjustments.  First, the A.I. is now much stronger.  Second, the amount of passengers and mail produced late in games has been significantly reduced.  The combination of these two changes results in many scenarios being somewhat harder to win.  There are also a number of smaller game balance tweaks.


1. You can now bulldoze in multiplayer games.

2. Cleaned up some out-of-synch issues.

3. Connection error reporting is now much more robust

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