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Fast Scroll Issues with XP


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Hi Blitz,

That's an irritant with me too.  Itried changing the mouse speed in the control panel and a few other things without luck.  My "workaround" is to get close with the mouse and then use the arrow keys to get where I need to be.  Maybe someone else will have fix for the both of us.


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I was cleaning up some old files and came upon a patch for v1.56. Which is said to address the following:

--Changes in 1.56 Version--

A) Added support for the middle-mouse wheel.  Roll it to zoom in and out. Press it and drag the mouse around to scroll the screen.

B) Fixed a bug where the screen scrolls too fast if you move your mouse cursor to the screen edge.  (Those young whippersnappers make dad-burned newfangled computers so fast today that they were causing RT2 to scroll too fast.  Fixed now - that'll learn 'em!!!)

It might help you guys out.

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