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  1. Thx for the replies! I went with diesel all the way and just barley made it to the gold. I must have had about 30 FP45 diesels w/ 3 or 4 cars running my long passenger routes and they weren't that great... I'm sure it would have been much easier with electrics. The key for me was getting a good start, I just barely had enough money at the beginning to buy it, but like djf01suggested, I bought territory in Lithuania and ran a line from Lodz (poland) to Vilnius and Kaunas (joined by one large station). And that gave me a very good start. From the profits of that run I should have then only built electric rail from then on but I didn't and made it harder then it should have been. Anyway thx for the help.
  2. Mind cluing me in. :) I just can't for the life of me make money early on this map. The trains are expensive, the maintenance on modern trains are high so the more not necessarily the merrier and the interest rate on bonds are high so if I borrow money early the interest rate kills me. Tough map for me... :(
  3. I have a ton of trouble getting a good start and winning this map. Funny thing is a long time ago I got the gold on this map but now I'm lucky to get the bronze. As I said my main problem is figuring out the best way to start. The difficulty really ramps up on the modern maps. Trains are expensive! for one thing. Do you set up passengers line early? I've tried to do that and it hasn't worked out. Concentrating on industry early also gives me no joy. any tips for this scenario? thx
  4. Thank you so much for the link! One thing that's kind of confusing is that after I DLed the WhenWallsComeDown fix the included file said "Knitting with iron fix" (camp map #9 fix). But anyway I put the #09Kni~1.MAP in my map folder and low and behold I got credited for hauling the uranium from St Pete to Warsaw. The odd thing was that it gave me the notice and my bonus about 2 years after I hauled the 1st load of uranium. I'm going to try the map again later and I hope my luck holds and it wasn't just a fluke that I finally got credit for the bonus last time. Anyway thanks a lot.
  5. What I do is just click on the mini-map and drag the view screen around from there. It's not the greatest way to answer your question but it was the best I could do. :D
  6. I have a problem when trying to play the "When Walls come down" scenario. (the modern Russian scenario) At the beginning it says I will get a 1.5 mil bonus for hauling Uranium from St Petersburg to Warsaw. But no matter how many loads of uranium I haul between the 2 cities I can never get the bonus. (or a notice that I completed this objective). And when I place my stations I always make sure that the cities are connected too. Maybe it's because this is an old game and it might have compatability problems on my new rig or something but it's very odd that I can never complete the uranium obj. Any help? Thanks for any ideas....
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