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Emperor - Battle for Dune: Getting online with Tunngle


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Tunngle is a revolutionary peer to peer VPN solution.

Huge advantage Tunngle is of 255 places and room Emperor: Battle for Dune.

[How To] Setup, Install, and Use the International Version of Tunngle

[How To] Play Dune 2, Dune 2000, and Emperor Battle for Dune LAN Online Using Tunngle

1. Download Tunngle

Are you sure that you've got the latest version? Check here before continuing!

2.Install Tunngle

- Run as Administrator (running as administration is required only for the setup phase!)

- Click yes to the Windows Logo dialog if it comes up (Xp doesn't support the newer Tunngle certificates, no logo problems under Vista or Windows 7)

- There should be no other errors during installation using the new installer

- Be sure that no security software is preventing Tunngle from installing correctly for example blocking the installation of the new adapter.

- The adapter installer (helper.exe/tapinstall.exe) might require outbound network access (to access the adapter) in order to install successfully! Please be sure that your firewall is not blocking them or the adapter installation might hang/fail!

- Be sure that your windows system is up to date (all available updates have been applied). Also check that your system drivers are up to date (this is very important would you get a blue screen).

- Note: under certain circumstances a Tunngle Uninstall is required in order to be able to perform the update. If you are not sure: Uninstall, Reboot, Install, Reboot! Reboots are very important.

- Adapter installation might fail if you have a broken cfos speed software installation on your machine.

- After the installation is complete you need to restart before you can use Tunngle!

- Can't find the adapter or the service on Tunngle startup? Your system is being stubborn? You can try the Community Troubleshooter

- The adapter selection on startup comes up when the Tunngle network adapter is not found or if the communication with the adapter failed. If the Tunngle adapter is in the list and it is properly selected and the adapter selection reappears it is because there is a problem accessing the adapter. The common cause for this are firewall issues. Please note that disabling a firewall doesn't always disable the firewall completely.

- On certain systems ESET security software can corrupt windows settings to the point where installation of any new network adapter (Tunngle included!) fails because of "Insufficient System Resources". Read more about this here.

- For any kind of installation trouble be sure that you try the full magic cycle: Uninstall, Reboot, Install, Reboot. Reboots are not optional!

3. Sign up for a free account on the Tunngle Website here

- Use alphanumeric username and passwords (a-z, 0-9), try to avoid weird characters since they will probably prevent you from logging in.

- Be sure you don't have CAPS turned on.

- Use a real email. It's important that you use a valid email because otherwise you won't be able to validate your account.

- Keep in mind the difference between account password and user password. Account password: use it on the Tunngle Website (Account). User password: use it in the client.

4. Configure Tunngle in your local firewalls

-The allow rules to add are two: one for the client interface "Tunngle.exe" the other for the Tunngle service "Tnglctrl.exe".

- You might have more than one firewall (usually Windows Firewall + Third party firewall). Be sure you configure all of them.

- You might have other security software that is preventing Tunngle to access some of the resources required.

- Sometimes a broken security software uninstallation (like for example the firewall) can prevent Tunngle from working correctly.

- When you update Tunngle, many firewalls will require you to set new rules for the new executables.

- For Kaspersky Tunngle must be added to the trustworthy programs too.

5. Start Tunngle and Login

- Use your user password and not your account password. If you forgot your user password, you can change it by going to Account. If you also forgot your account password you can click the forget password link.

- Not validated? You didn't receive the validation email? Request a new one. Check your spam mail filters!

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TUNNGLE has made updating - problems with connection are not present!!!

This correct decision. Now we play 3 vs 3 and 4 vs 4 are not lags.

We have a room on 250 places!!!

We can remember friends.


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I've just installed Tunngle and found the Emperor Room.


My question is then simple : how to start a game with the players who are in the room ?


Does Tunngle work like hamachi ?

  1. Connect on Tunngle through the client
  2. Open the Emperor Room
  3. Start the Game
  4. Select the correct IP in the option of the game
  5. Open the LAN panel to find players and start a game

Please let me know if it is correct and sorry if this process is already explained somewhere else.


Is is possible to play on Dune 2000 through Tunngle ? If yes, does it also require the LAN patch as explained here ?


Thanks a lot for your answers.

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