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Emperor - Battle for Dune: Getting online with Hamachi - Guide for Linux

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As you guys probably know by reading the ''Getting Online'' guides from the forum, in order to play online we got two ways.

NOTE: This guide was made to help users NEW to Linux. The installation procedure was tested in Linux Ubuntu 10.04 LTS.

1- From XWIS, you can follow the same steps provided from the other guides.

2- With Hamachi.



- Linux native version of Hamachi

- GUI for Hamachi


- The Linux version of Hamachi can be downloaded here: http://fileforum.betanews.com/detail/Hamachi-for-Linux/1104137509/3

- Once you have downloaded Hamachi; notice that it is a ''.tar.gz '' file, you will need to extract the files.

- Double click the ''tarball'' (compressed) file and extract it wherever you like ''e.g. /home/yourusername/Downloads''

- Locate and copy the folder's path where you extracted the files

- Open up a terminal ''CTRL+ALT+T'' and type: cd ''space'' ''and the folder's path where you extracted the files'' (all without quotes)

''e.g. hilderith@cpe-001966e2bdb4:~$ cd /home/hilderith/Downloads/HAMACHI'' Press Enter.

- Run ''make install'' and then ''tuncfg'' under the root account. To achieve this type in the terminal: sudo make install

 type your root password when prompted to enter password.

- Type sudo tuncfg in terminal, press Enter and your done installing and configuring Hamachi's engine.


Using a GUI is always more user friendly than typing commands in Linux so this is how u do it.

-Download the source from: http://downloads.sourceforge.net/hamachi-gui/hamachi-gui-0.9.5.tar.gz

Now that you have downloaded the source files, you need to check for dependencies, make sure you got:

- GTK+


- Make

You can check this by using the Synaptics Package Manager

- Extract the source files wherever you like, then locate and copy the path of the folder where you extracted the files in a terminal like     this:

''e.g. hilderith@cpe-001966e2bdb4:~$ cd /home/hilderith/Downloads/EXTRACTEDFILES''

Press Enter.

- Now we need to configure and compile the files, to do this type: "./configure" press Enter

 then "make" press Enter again(all without quotes")

- To install: sudo make install


The easiest installation is done through binaries. Download the appropriate file for your system, after it finishes downloading just double click the file and it will install the GUI automatically.

These are the links:

For Ubuntu Gusty



For Ubuntu Hardy



NOTE: These files might work for other debian based systems. Tested on Ubuntu Lucid.


Now after following all these steps, you should be able to run Hamachi engine. Press and hold ''ALT'' and press ''F2'' keys to bring up the run command. Type Hamachi and execute it.

Join any of these groups:

Group:             Password:

        Newlords              Dune

        ebfd2001+            (no password)

        ebfd2001++          (no password)

Once in the game, go to Options then click on the Network tab, select the IP displayed on your Hamachi client window.

Every time you want to play using Hamachi instead of XWIS, you just gotta select LAN in Multiplayer.

Hope this guide helps.

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