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Dune problem - Go & Find equipment


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I just started this great old game, 2 days ago, and I can tell you all about it...Dune is VERY hard, especially if you don't know what to do next.

I found the following problem during gameplay:

I spent around 45 days on Dune so far. I gathered a medium army at Habbanya-Clam sietch (4 soldier icons), and you know very wel, there'z a village nearby, where you can grab weapons and stuff from a smuggler.

Now then, I purchased 2 weirding modules from the smuggler, then returned to Habbanya-Clam, which is approximately 20 kilometres away from the village (the distance is very tiny). When I tell my fremen to obtain the weirding modules, they all respond the following:

"I don't think we can found krys knives around this area"

God DAMN it, I just bought you weirding modules, at a spitting distance! Who asked you to start wanderin' the desert for krys knives!?

No matter which fremen chief I order, they just don't want to grab the weirding modules from the village with the "Go & find equipment". If I order them to move (Move troop), they all say that they don't want to go into the village, but if necessary, they'll pick up the equipment. And guess what - they don't, just standing there like a big prick. Anyone else met this error before? If so, how can I get my fremen pick up the purchased weaponry?

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You can't tell them to move to the village because the can't stay there. They can only get the weapons with the Go & Search for Equipment command.

The problem is their equipment needs to be upgraded one at a time. Krys knives are the weakest weapon and that's what they will try to get first. Once they have them, then they'll want to get Lasguns. After that they will be able to pick up the weirding modules.

You could either buy some weaker weapons at the same village and have them pick those up first, or tell them to move to sieches with equipment. If you want you can sent one troop to a siech with a bunch of krys knives and equip that troop with multiple pairs, then they can carry them back to wherever you're training.

What I don't know is whether a troop with Krys, Lasguns, and Weirding modules is stronger or just as strong as a troop with only weirding modules...

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