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Suggestions from X3M


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Well, i guess it's time for me to join on these forums. I have followed your project for the past 2 years. And i have to say, you have done a beautiful job on remaking dune2. My compliments. And this means a lot from someone who was addicted for over 3 years to this game. I wish to help you, but my programming is about 0,01% of what is required. But still.

Now for some suggestions and questions. I try to mention new things, which i hope, could be helpfull.

-Balance in numerous ways, it's way off. But you did mention that in one of your readme files. That troopers are good against tanks is great, but it still needs work. If you like i could start calculating on the unit statistics and make suggestions with exact numbers. Plus, i will explain why i would choose those numbers. There should be a formula for calculating the unit costs with simply using statistics like, hit points, (splash)damage, range, cooldown, unitspeed, etc. I balance this in Excel, so adjustments are easy to make from my point of view. And this file can be sended completely to you. It includes buildings too. And i write down the laws that i used. The choice would still be yours to implement it. All i need are "all possible" unit statistics, this includes the number of different damages. I noticed your editable game.ini file doesn't have the damages i seek, so i cound't create my own law. Since i studied a lot of RTS's i have an understanding on things like "first shot" and "The stronger, the better", and how to counteract to these imbalances by simple calculations.

-Responce of units. All i did was building mass rocket launchers, all the time. The AI doesn't defend itself well, it just stands there and gets destroyed. This also happens when enemy troopers shoot at my units. I haven't checked "my troopers vs enemy". Is it possible to programm something like; when an unit gets shot at, go to that unit?

-I think it has been mentioned before, but the palaces don't seem to produce fremen/saboteur/deathhands. I know you will do this, but the question is, is it like the ion cannon from C&C? Or do they just magical appear (fremen,saboteur). And will there be a message when it's ready (death hand)? I sure hope the death hand goes to target this time :D.

-Unit's get builded faster when you have more factories. But what formula did you use?

-Make something, that players can choose gamespeed. About 80% as fast as now would be nice.

Well, i hope i didn't bother you to much now. Good luck with finishing this game.

Some more suggestions and

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