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help needed with windows port of libeastwood!


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I've ironed out most portability issues with libeastwood for windows, it builds and all, but

not all of it works.

Since I have not windows nor any windows development experience I was wondering if someone

could help out fixing the few bugs breaking it..

I'm quite sure that it's only a matter of 3-4 bugs that should be pretty trivial to fix...

So if anyone could help me, I'd be very greatful! the branch is the trunk branch

at http://launchpad.net/libeastwood

To anyone who would be so kind to fix this for me, you're my hero! biggrin.png

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What machine did you develop it on? If everything compiles correctly, you might have endian problems.

I see a getU32LE function (/macro?), did you consistently write your code like this?

Though I couldn't spot an error with a few cursory glances into the files where I know 'what it probably should do' -- very good written, AFAICT. Such stuff ought to run right away :-(

... not all of it works.

Any specific parts?

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try run the test suite and you'll find out :)

the endianness stuff are known to be in order :)

the error might be just limited and as simple as the PakFile class, since it didn't work fully reading pak archives, all the other tests ran by the friend who helped would fail...

the PAK format is the simplest of all the data formats, so should be easy to fix, I just don't have any windows system or anything to even try running it on myself.

for system I'm developing on, it's x86_64 gcc 4.4* mandriva linux cooker :)

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