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Game crashes


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Hey there. Nice to meet you.

I have XP and 2Gigs of memory. I obtained Emperor to play. I have read several problems but so far I haven't encountered any of them.

The game CDs are kept as isos in my HD and I mount them with Alcohol. I had no problem detecting the CDs and installing the game. All went perfectly, the game ran, I watched the intros etc.

Now, when the first Atreides mission starts, I can play a bit, but after some minutes, the pc freezes altogether. I can't return to windows, so the only remedy is to press the reset button. This happened two or three times. It was not enough to see if a certain action I made triggered this "bug" or if it was random.

I could also try to play with other houses and try the patches I downloaded, but my XP take so long time to load with each reboot that I'd rather not meddle with this thing any more before asking for advice.

So I'd like to ask. Have you ever heard of this problem before? Is it a well-known one? Do the patches fix? If not, is there a known solution for it?

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Sounds like a potential hardware issue, or less likely a driver problem..

Try placing a fan of sorts next to the pc with the side open to see if its a heatware related deal too..

Emp can be a pretty taxing game when u max it out, though it does have its fair share of bugs

Randomly freezing your pc is not one of them as far as i know.. ?? Not frequently at least..

Check your temperature (cpu/gpu/chipset) levels and then check drivers for Vga sound directx etc..

Also, it could help more if you posted your pc specs and current driver version :)


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