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Another cutscene issue...

Sredni Vashtar

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... under WinXP, probably needless to say :P

i've got the game installed, patched, and running with the XP fix.  the actual gameplay is fine.  even the intro videos seem to play okay.

the problem is with the campaign cutscenes.  they won't play properly; but more to the point, they're crashing the game itself when they load (or try to).  i just get a black, green, or just chewed-up gibberish screen.  sometimes the sound plays initially and sometimes not, but it always grinds to a halt and crashes to the desktop after about a few seconds.

i'm not particularly bummed about actually missing the cutscenes -- i probably saw them all like 8 years ago anyways -- but the fact that they crash the game and hence i can't proceed with any of the single-player campaigns is hella annoying.

i'm running it on XP Pro (SP3), with an ATI Radeon X600.  i've checked out the threads already on this forum describing various video/cutscene problems under XP, but the recommendations there either haven't made any difference or wouldn't apply to my system. 

any ideas or assistance would be greatly appreciated!

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Try Disable Catalyst Ai and or Crossfire...

Also long shot..highly unlikely, check your filters/codecs to see if they are attempting to 'assist' playback..

What catalyst have you loaded?

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