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More fan-made maps for Win2k


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Hi all, since I don't play aniline (cause I'm not that good) I have always played with the comp. I have D/L'ed all of the maps listed and played them and saved them. I am now looking for some more fan-made maps, if available. If there are some available, please let me know. Thanking all in advance...archieb

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OK All: I've D/Led the new stuff and went to Mappacker to upload the maps and something bad happened. Since I'm not that great on comps, I really don't know what it was. I couldn't get Emperor to work at all. Fearing the worst, I reloaded Emperor and started fresh. When I unloaded Emp, I saved all my played games. When I reloaded Emp, I couldn't get the "saved games" back to play them again. My question is,,,How do I get the saved games to play again?". As it stands now, all I have is the 32 original games the CD came with. I also can see all the "saved games" listed, but Emp won't load or play them. I need some help to get the saved games to play. Thanks....Archieb

edit. OK: I'm going to try and reload Emperor again and then go to Mappacker and unpack all the games again and see if I can get the games to open for play(more than the original 32 that are on the Cd's). I hope this will get the "saved games" loaded....Archieb

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