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Visual Split (like all other people)


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Hi all! I'm X_HuNTeR_X. Maybe no one knows me but I know Nyerguds, a good man who helped me years ago making little things like a personal "crack" for C&C 95 (Gold), mean, modifing the .mix files and refill the files with all the videos & audio things, providing me some bonus maps & patches... Again man (think and look the old emails if you have them), thanks for all. ;)

Not a coincidence see you there cause you are the best "freak" (w/o offence :D) in the C&C World.

So, here's my problem (and many people knows what is):

The fucked split screen when someone wants to play Dune 2000. That's it. I explain how I have my PC:

WinXP Pro SP2, AMD Dual Core 3,6Mhz, NVIDIA GeForce 6100 nForce 405 256MB, Realtek HD Audio, 2GB RAM...blabla. :D

I saw all the diferent topics posted here and arround the internet, I tested all the things I can do and no one happears to solve the problem like: Compatibility (tested all), ticked all the posible Compatibility settings (256 colors, 640x320 resolution...) too I tested every resolutions, changed the Hertz settingsĀ  (53,60,70,72,75...)... ???

Oh, I have the latest patch installed (1.06) and versions English & Spanish. No matter with the versions.

Some help please? :-[


P.D: Sorry for my bad english, I'm Spanish but I care my little Eng. :-

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