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(SOLVED) problems when I try click on "ACCEPT" button in a lan game


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hello to everyone. this is going me crazy:

what happens?... this: I have activated the maps with Shai Hulud (3 pc in my lan). all right: each computer has the maps activated and play "practices" against the cpu normally. (not LAN)

but try to unite the 3 pc in a LAN game: this happens: 1 pc creates the game, the other 2 pc join in that game. but no one can click the "ACCEPT" button to starting the game. simply by pressing the button, nothing happens (usually puts the red star of "OK to start" next to the name of player)

may be conflicts in the TEXT.UIB?. I have already activated all the maps with the same metod ...

note: in one of those pc, maps were activated with Shai Hulud. but in the options of this map editor: the version of Dune did not match: 1.00 said, instead 1.06. The other 2 pc were activated at 1.06, but were also turned in 1.00.

I even tried joining a game of 2-lan pc if there were mistakes by the other pc, and nothing.

the last detail: I have been playing maps activated on a LAN. I do not think that I doing something wrong.

help!:  :-

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problem solved

The problem is the name of the map (file .map) should not contain characters such as () or blanks spaces, and do not know. a file .map should not be called: "(4 Play) Nomad Island." but they must be named: "4playnomad" or similar.

I hope it helps someone else!


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