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Guild - Modified Infinity Symbol?


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TagDaze! I found your source for the infinity symbol: <i>Dune: House Atreides</i>:

The shining new ship crowded the subterranean canyon.  A fan of decorative dorsal arrays shone from the nearer side.  On the fuselage, a gleaming purple-and-copper Ixian helix interlocked into <b>the larger white analemma of the Spacing Guild, symbolizing infinity inside a rounded convex cartouche</b>.

They mention "the Spacing Guild's analemma sigil of infinity" on the uniforms of three Guild reps in <i>Paul of Dune</i> as well. Sorry, I didn't search the new McDune crap when we were first discussing this.

If you're an FH purist, this will mean nothing, because there's no proof that the two hacks got it from FH's notes. If you don't care about such things and want to gain a few "Oh kewl" points from dim KJA fanboys, go with it.

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Kiss your grits? Good gawd...how old are you? :O

(I hope you know that from reruns. I remember it from REALTIME.)

Looks like you're going all out on this game thang. Kewl.

But, seriously, buy some food and eat once in a while, huh? :D

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