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Screen Problem


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Hey people, I have checked the forum out for this problem and it seems other people have had the same as me.

I get the result as shown in the picture I have attatched..


I have tried :


Change resolution

Refresh rate to 75 hertz

:/ and dont really know what else to do, my hardware is fine because I earlier played on Battlefield 2...

Does anybody know how to fix this?

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I gots the same problem.. Ive checked that I have 1.06 installed, my graphics an directx is fully up to date.. I guess maybe my graphics card is incompatible (I haves g-force 5500). I've also tried numerous times the right clicking compatibility for 95/98 & 2000 which the resolution boxes ticked an still same.. grrrr

Anyone found a solution to fixing it? Or is it just my system just being incompatible.. hmm

Maybe a hotfix patch could be made for us XP users..

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dont know if you tried the 8 or 16 byte option in the game option menu of dune. I have it on 8 byte and compatible mode at win 98 with screen resolution 640 x 480

Ya I tried that also :(

Maybe it's just not compatible with XP an widescreen monitors.. perhaps by chance EA will make another dune game

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I think I found the solution.

Unfortunately, the menu screen can't be corrected, but try to change the colour settings to 8-bit in that menu (a bit of a hassle, but you can do it). When you run a mission, the screen is fine. A pity it's 8-bit, but better this than nothing, eh?


The compatibility modus wouldn't affect anything, so you can uncheck it (doesn't matter).

Along with screen options of 256 colours, resolution of 640 x 480, it won't affect anything(, other than scaling, but that you could do with your monitor options).

The "-g" command is also not helping anything.


Run the game, change the game options to 8-bit graphics, and you should be fine, at least I am.

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I too have this problem, and I am running Windows Vista SP2 (since i got a new pc). I've tried all of the compatability options, change resolution, change game options from 16-bit to 8-bit, change the refresh rate, and still nothing fixed. I hate it because I love this game and I really want to play it again.

I'll try with my old monitor and see if there are any different outcomes, though I doubt it.

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