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well i  wanted to know what the hell is going on... many peeps wanted create new missions but there was no map editor  what can place buldings...  shai-hulud-2000 can  handle  that. but its more hard and easy to waste mission so  make backups first!!!

lets go to work.

you need

1. shai hulud 2000 installed

2. dune2000 installed

3. copied missions folder from cd into game

4. modify resource.cfg files

erease actual data and place this






then save file and make sure missions folder is in dune2000 catalog. now  open shai hulud mapeditor ... open any mission .. for example open file a5v1 and a4v1 .. you will get two windows with editing tools and these maps (OPEN  ONLY  FILES WITH .MAP ENDING  DO NOT OPEN EXAMPLE _A4V1.MIS H7V1.MIS

switch to select mode

and look at the map. you will see spice/worms on rock. DONT DONT CHANGE NOW YET!!! that happened  because shaihulud has not implicated ability to read bulding/unit data.. so shai hulud  read them as worms/spice :/

now look where has atreides base on mission 4 (file a4v1.map)

when you found its location.  now make fulllscreen window and move your cursor to left up corner,  on top of the base . now click and move to right-down corner and blue thing appear on map.  hit now ctrl + c to copy that..  swith to  second window atreides mission 5 (file a5v1.map)  switch to select mode too . and move to left down corner.  dont paste that here . move up to center of map and paste it here. paste it on bottom of pasted first "base"  put  2 worms on the top  and save file... ignore errors about no 8player startup ..  just now run game.  ..  you will have  2 conyards and some tanks at a5v1 atreides mission 5.  so u not need to capture smuggler starport...  also  you can copy  other places of enemy bases. example smugglers

you can copy  refinery and silo from atreides mission 8 and put it on ordos mission 4 . smugglers will be active enemy cos he get money

ABOUT SECRETS OF DUNE.  THERE WAS OPTIONS MORE THAN ACTUAL.  in file text.uib you can somewhere find way to toggle stealth option. show unit range. regenerating shroud. changing hotkeys etc.  only lists of keys. but  none of them work.

afaik dune2000 has more units  before releasing.  ww tried to add units from cnc:ss but no success (i mean they wantedcd to add loaded truck that carries crates, on map we can find only blue crates. i know that there was 7 colors of crates)

now other editing.  lets go to data/bin directory.  look for vars.bin

open with notepad. you get random chars and  question marks..  if your lucky and pput correctly one your random character. you might get over 75 crates on single player maps. but also starport disabled and 75000 money  TRUE..  vars.bin controls  also repair and selling..  if you edit circles.bin  you may get jerky effect because  when  unit move on map it remove shroud. but u see that circle is wheel. after editing i had triangles, quadrants and ever chess. .. cant take screenshot of that stuff on caffe ... :/ but next 3 months i be able to play online ..

and one more thing.. when i was edting maps. i  changed names of a4v1 and  h4v1  ... what happened???  (i reversed names) on atreides mission 4 i had fremens as allies and  had already built atreides. but...... i couldnt control units.  computer was doing that. i destroyed with trooper refinery. and it rebuilt itself!! i destroyed barracks .. and computer rebuilt it ... i cannot select groups of units. each unit has numbers . and comp was attacking  hark base.  i changed it and added  base from ordos mission 9 version 2. it was  great. if you  put smuggler base and smuggler units on ordos mission 6 any version  THEY APPEAR AS YOUR ALLIES!!!!! harkonnen has no any allies.  emperor shud be one but i tried to make emperor as hark ally but no result.  it worked with ordos and atreides.    i can make atreides ally harkonnen or ordos  to fight agaist mercs/emperor/smugglers or fremens.

i will back online play in max 4months

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AMIga, i just have a question, in what missions are you able to ally with other houses. You said you took a smuggler base from one mission and put it in another and they were allied?? could you explain which houses you can ally with in each mission?

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ordos 6 version 1and 2 you can take smugglers  copy ordos base in hark 6 v 1 or v 2 is on left up corner put in ordos 4  copy atreides base in atr 9v 2 one smaller put at atr7  if we do decode .mis files we may ally emperor in  hark 9v 2  im waitin for breaking news at this stage

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Yes i did that and it works, the smugglers are allied with the ordos in Ordos 6, but they are not active because there is no coding for them in that .mis file. I hope we are able to decode those .mis files someday, to make this game much more fun and lifelong

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important thing ..find text.uib open it ..there is something about stealth toggling...btw i saw somewhere d2k screen where was truck frow ra2.... There in other post is a4v1 map and fremens had big base and they were makin tanks... I did change a1v1 added for both sides starport hark was bringin tanks kuads.first missions to a4v1 you cant take tanks  to cheat add to all maps starport 3refinery 6windtraps to you and enemy ... In a8v1 make smugglers with huge base purhase few mcv put them in smuggler base dont deploy , place them close to buldings avoid his units. When ordos atak mcv with tank mowe around bulding. When smugglers engage ordos retreat mcv and watch battle . You engage hark base avoid contact with smuggler tanks or your plan fail..dont atak ordos too to keep it going .there smugglers have good game you may let them take harks - to see what happens try it ...... It work in h6v1 and h6v2 and in one of h9 missions..use smugglers as weapon

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