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i need some help with a practical Bo


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hy....i am new guy in this game...well...i played a long time ago emperor online and because of some problems i had to quit but now i want to start all over and i am wondering if someone can give me a practical B.O. .....i had a B.O. once but i lost it and i wonder if someone can write me one or give me some link to some Bo's.

i can't say that i love a specific race but if i have to choose that will be harkonen....but any BO is accepted :P

thx in advance


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It depends a lot on the map and money, but in general I like:

Windtrap, Barracks, Ref, Factory, upgrade ref twice, (place fac), windtrap, ref or subhouse/hangar (or maybe just upgrade the fac), the other of those two...

And go from there based on what you need and what weaknesses you see in the enemy.  If you don't intend to rush or use guild, I think it's wise to make a worm or air drone attack at this point, possibly Ix bombs.  In any case I find it's most often a mistake not to make any kind of attack at this stage.  Soon after you can try engineer drops or devastator drops before you're ready to make a full-scale attack.

In long games (as most are) it's critical to reach 3 of every production facility.  3 fully upgraded refineries are the absolute minimum, 4 is good, maybe even 5.  You construction yard should always be working, except maybe at some point early on when your riding 0 if you tried a BO that goes for units a little sooner.

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