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D2K and Dell XP


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Hello All. I am sure that this has been posted before, but I am unable to find a solution to the problem in any of the current postings, so here goes, and thanks for bearing with me;

I was able to play Dune 2000 previously on my Dell Inspiron 2200. Initially I would only get the video introduction and then blank screen with music. I fiddled around with 95/98 & 256 Colour/800x600 compatability, and finally got it to run.

I had some pc problems and had to re-install windows/clear hard drive with the Dell provided program, which resets your pc to the "out of the box" default settings - essentially wiping my hard drive clear.

Now, I have tried to play D2K again (it installed fine) but have not been able to get it going past the video introduction. I have tried all sorts of different combinations to get it going. Even tried it through the command prompt, with the -g suffix....no dice.

If I need a patch, pls let me know where I have to install it.

Thanks very much for all your help, in advance.

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