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Audio Modding


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Just curious if much audio modding was done in general as most emperor mods i've seen didn't add any new audio?

either way, my research modding tests have allowed me to even add unit voices with MP3 fully working!!!

If you wanna use mp3 sfx, just bagtool mp3 files into audio.bag and just link to it from the sound sfx txt files as normal with just filename (no extension) as game is wise enough to seek for name.MP3 smile.png

Just one note, the MP3 needs to be CBR (Constant Bit Rate) and in my test i used the 64 kbps bit rate, 22050 frequency and mono (i believe stereo works fine too)

Those values for mp3 i took from few mp3 files in the dialog.bag of any emperor cd as seems few longer speeches were made as mp3 thus my leap to trying mp3 directly for unit voices with success. ;D

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I could never get any extra mp3 files to work, if I added extra to the auido.bag it stopped me running EBFD, or the voices went out of synch.

I would have liked to have had extra "voices" to have used in Conflict of the Landsraad, say from Dune2K but anyway no-one is modding Emperor now - everyone has moved on (to say C&C 3 etc).

I come back occasionally - I did start an infantry only mod but there are not enough different infantry units in Emp to make it fun. I also got bored with the three sides I chose (Corrino, Guild and Tleilaxu).

Now C&C 3 has lots of infantry models to use...but is SO difficult to mod!

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Well, I haven't had any problems inserting new and then having game play them but should maybe have you test it then, just need to find fitting sounds now since worked out new *.cmp adding too but i guess my findings came too late. :-

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