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Motherboard Question


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I know it's old to many, but it's new to me. I ordered this board  http://www.extremeoverclocking.com/reviews/motherboards/Foxconn_NF4UK8AA_3.html

My question is I'm going to be running an e-GeForce 7600 GT with it, if you look at the l pic on that page link of the board, it has a power connector at the bottom of it. Is this for the PCIe x 16 card I'm gonna be using? and do I need to use this power connector? Thanks in advance.  I can't believe It was only $34.00 new.I had an Asus A8N-E that was very similar to this board with the Nforce4 chipset and it rocked. However I cannot find that Asus board anywhere now since lightning got it. But spec wise it is practically the same board,can't wait for it to get here.Good thing about the Nforce4 is, you can overclock the shit out of it,wether in BIOS or use Clock-Gen. But I believe bios has enough overclocking options to do well.


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hi scar face!

looking at the spects of the motherboard it says:


scroll down a bit.

A standard 4pin power connector is located in the far back corner of the motherboard for aux PCIe power. Depending on the video card used, you may or may not need to plug power into this socket.

I think that you don`t NEED to use this one,if you have a spare connector  from your PSU you can use  that one too.I thing Winfast has put it on the board  due to wireing.PPL missing connectors.

I think with your video card it`s ok(check spects for card,voltage,amp and stuff needed to run  the card),but mine could`nt used  it.

If this is not correct,don`t hesitate to correct me...


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