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New Dune Fan Film Needs Your Support

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Some of you may already have heard that a Spanish amateur crew of filmmakers are making a new version of the first three novels of the saga (DUNE, MUADDIB & THE PROPHET) The project is a fan film with non commercial purposes wich has been made without financing from any institution or company. It is almost finished, and there will be three long-length films. A teaser trailer had been posted in YOUTUBE, but has recently been pulled, because of a "Copyright claim by Herbert Properties, LLC."

In fact, the whole trilogy has been canceled - the lawyers at HLP do not want this movie to see the light of day. This sets a very serious precedent for any future Dune fan films. This is where need your help. A petition has been published and launched - all that is missing now, is your signatures. Please show your support for the Mediteatro Dune fan film by signing it, clicking the picture below:


Thank you so much for supporting this Project!  ;D

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