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Harkonnen Mission 7


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Im really flustered now ive been past some tough missions from ai 1-8 and now im tryin to get harkonnen to get up to equal harkonnen cause i dont wanna just stick to atreides

Ok to the mission problem

1.The sardukar are bein real jerks and takin to much time to kill

2.The sonic and seige tanks are killin my combat tanks and they destroy my harvester

3.Building is so friggin slow and i cant upgrade because i only upgrade when i got around 30 seige or combat tanks and around 7k solaris

4.The start is useless and destroying the units there takes my units health away so i have to be fast

5.The friggin airstrike! Always half-killing my units destroyin windtraps and whatnot

Ok so does anyone hae any hints for this

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Build an array of rocket turrets on the west side. Build clusters but not to block the entrance for harvesters. Repair turrets after every assualts(and air strikes of course). Watch out for missle tanks as they can outrange rocket turrets.

I suggest not to wall up the footpath in southeast, because the sardukars cause more damage to rocket turrets than tanks. In my previous "mission failed"s my rocket turrets were wiped out by sardukars and troopers.

In your strike team there's a siege tank. Place it near the footpath(but not too close)to kill sardukars.

If you can keep safe two of your harvesters that's great. If only one, don't panic, mine the spice as close as possible to your base. If enemy tanks come, get it back to your base under the protection by rocket turrets. After the assualt, go out again.

Build light factory and build trikes and quads. Trikes go to the southeast to defend against soilders. Quads will help defend west part of base.

When you feel comfortable of your defense, build a high tech factory and build one carryall. At the same time, build another refinery for the second harvester and sell the refinery(two harvester and one refine is enough). Or you may start build heavy factory and build tanks.

For more protection. Build rocket turrets along the south ridge, and then the east. This will limit attacks coming from the east(they travel along the ridge and were half-killed by my turrets ;D)

When it is time, build devastators and launch air strikes and go get'em. :)

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