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Trouble with Harkonnen Mission 7 or 8


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idk which mission it is tho but ill give u a disccription of the objective

Objective: Destroy the Atriedes High tech factory or somethin like that

Well the problem is that i cant build fast enough and i cant build enough combat tanks without the rest bein destroyed and the atreides wipe me out with there air strike and the imperial are bein jacked up by keepin on sendin over sardukar to kill my windtrap(right next to the dune)

ive tried to control all of them at once and attack one so they die faster and go to the next one faster but when i go to kill sonic tanks and siege tanks here come the little girls in there purple

Any Hints for this

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If you are building tanks before your base can defend itself with turrets then that is your mistake with any mission. Any mission can be completed with loss of 5 units or less. The formula is basically: 1. Spice(build refinary if needed then build another and sell 1st then usally bulid another and sell 2nd, i.e. build on same spot). 2. Barracks 3. Radar(if possible - sometimes no concrete needed.) 4. Turrets!!!!! 5. Heavy factory 6. Harvester 7. Spaceport 8. Silos 9. Carriers + Siege tanks. 10. Whatever you want.

Notice no building of any attacking units ever. Ever, until step 10. You are always given enough to survive without the loss of any unit by positioning your initial troops properly and clever tactical play until you can get turrets down. The first 5 minutes of any level is the best bit. Once your base has survived with no losses and can defend itself, killing the eneny with no great losses is easy.

I know this is very general and the list above should obviously not be set completely in stone, you must adapt to the circumstances of the level(how many refinaries do you start with?, how much $?, was i given siege tanks? etc etc.)

sorry if this basic formula doesn't help, and you have any specific strategy q's I'll try to ans. Good luck and remember when you get inside the base, don't wipe out the hi-tech factory too early, until you have had a chance to enjoy destroying all the other buildings.

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