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[Emperor] Extracting sounds...


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Hello everyone, new to the forum so not sure if this is the right place to ask about this, but anyhow...

I'm trying to extract the sounds from Emperor: Battle for Dune, specifically the voices of units etc. They are apparently in a .cmp format which I'm not familiar with at all. I had some luck opening them in GoldWave, but for some reason they're always accompanied by loud static that pretty much makes them unintelligible.

If memory serves me right I once played a Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge mod in which E:BFD unit voices were used, so I'm quite sure it's possible, however I haven't managed it on my own.

Anyone know anything about this?

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but for some reason they're always accompanied by loud static that pretty much makes them unintelligible.

Could be because of the format you read them in. That is to say, they might be stored "signed" or "unsigned" and opening them in the wrong format gives what you describes.

I haven't fiddled around with Emperor: Battle For Dune though, so consider this a generic audio statement.

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I searched around a bit and it seems the general answer is that nobody's been able to find a way to successfully extract the .cmp files. I also found someone who'd posted about the YR mod before over here:


He says he tried contacting the author of the mod but the other couldn't remember exactly how he'd extracted the files, other than that he used "BagTool, GoldWave and such".

I think the wierd quality IS probably due to them being extracted in the wrong format. I've played around with GoldWave and found that extracting the cmp's in one format gives static, while extracting them in another gives no static, however the speech is totally garbled, I don't know why.

Hmm, well, here's to experimenting around with various programs to see what can be achieved, heh. I guess if all else fails, I'll have to go the hard way and record myself playing the game or something.

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