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HELP! Can't get past 3rd level in D2000


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I have this problem... the game doesn't let me past the 3rd level. The next level is the 3rd level once again and again. I tried reinstalling the game.... but it doesn't make a difference. Did anybody have the same or similar problem? ??? ??? ???

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Very odd. Does it happen with all Houses? When does the game switch back to level 3? Right after you complete the mission or after you pick up the next region on the global map?

Try patching the game up to the latest version. I think the patch should be available here at FED2k.

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Have you tried patching the game?

And also, does it happen with every house, or only with a specific one? Do the video briefings before the 3rd mission and the next one (that returns to the third) differ, or you just get the same video and the same mission right after the map selection?

In most missions, there is ususally a choice between two regions. Have you tried different ones each time?

Have you tried playing the "second" 3rd mission through and see what happens next? Do you get caught in the infinite 3rd mission loop for ever?

You can also try uninstalling the game and then installing it into a different directory or drive, if possible.

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