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RIse of the Antichrist *preparation*


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Rise of the Antichrist (inspired by the book Left Behind but not much of this is based on the book itself, I made some changes.)

The year is 2100 and the Rapture took millions and millions of Christians out of thin air, drawing a thousand conclusions from skeptics like an alien invasion or an energy reaction, but little do they know that this is part of a Biblical prophecy that will hurl the world to the 7 year Tribulation.

Nicolae Carpathia, a member of the lower house of the Romaninan legislature, quickly ascends to Presidency, his competitors and political rivals were vanquished, literaly. Then he was appointed as the United Nations Secretary General and promised to bring peace as a pacifist and to unite the globe as a "one big village." He converted the U.N into the "Global Community" and addressed himself as "Supreme Potentate." 

His quick rise to power aroused the jealousy of many countries, and to those left behind and read the Bible, he is no doubt the Antichrist, the deceiver.

Nicolae then ordered the confiscation of all world weapons then to destroy 90% of it, 10% will remain as stockpile in the G.C. Palace situated in New Babylon. Each country responded but still kept and manufactured weapons for their defense.

Now rumors of war are fast spreading, World War III is knocking on Nicolae's front door as the countries are marshalling their forces in an attempt to destroy Nicolae and the Global Community once and for all. But it doesn't mean that all countries only have one enemy, they must also defeat the other nations in order to decide who will be Nicolae's successor should he be killed.

Choose a country then create your own everything (president/king/emperor/khan or any title you wish, military might, wealth) but their geographical positions remain the same.

-Laser weaponry is now discovered and can be made, along with many other technological marvels (you can make your own weaponry/devices/vehicles/units) EXCEPT for WMD. Of course there will be no space battles.

-You can ally with other countries, or even with Nicolae himself.

-No God Modding.

-If Nicolae hears about your planned rebellion against him, he might decide to go offensive against you. He has eyes and ears pretty much everywhere. That will also be the punishment if he discovers you manufacturing weaponry.

I will control Nicolae Carpathia and the Global Community. If Nicolae dies and the Palace is razed, the remaining G.C forces will automatically surrender to their conqueror. The Palace is situated in New Babylon (built over the ancient city of Babylon in Iraq). I also control Iraq and Israel.

if you happen to have questions, just post it as a reply.

Hope you guys will join.  ;D ;D ;D

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Country: China

Capital: Neo-Beijing

Ruler: Emperor Khan Sun Do

Relationship with G.C.: Loyal. <-- (this is your relationship status with Nicolae, either neutral, hostile, or loyal. that may change as the game goes)

Military: Focuses mainly on combat vehicles, light and heavy, armed with precision lasers and miniguns. Their infantry are called Dragoons, armed with laser pistols and a powerful riot shield, serving as military men and peace enforcers at the same time. Aircraft consists of fighter planes with no bombers. No known possession of bombs or missiles. China's technique is to win by large numbers.

Location of Weaponry Manufacture: Under the Forbidden City and the Emperor's Palace, connected by a network of tunnels where they are shipped to and fro.

Resources: Obtains iron and titanium from mines. Lignitium (energy for laser weaponry) obtained from many research facilities.

History: China rose as one of the most powerful nations on Earth, technologically, military, and economically. After more years of prosperity the nation upgraded its capital into Neo-Beijing, where much of the workforce is consisted by AI. After the rapture China fell down on its knees as many of their workers were secretly Christians, and their international partners are also Christians. Then the nation surrendered only 70% of its weaponry to the Global Community while still manufacturing combat tanks and laser weaponry in vast underground factories. The nation maintained its loyalty to Nicolae by providing him with a steady supply of Lignitium, but rumors are spreading that Khan Sun Do is getting tired of it.

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