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Co-op campaign problem


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Hey Everybody,

yesterday my brother and I decided to play Emperor after letting it sit for several years.  We want to play co-op campaign.  I get online, and it allows me to select "new campaign".  My brother then proceeds to join my game.  After that I cannot start the game.  There is no start button, or ready button etc.  I think I see the place where it is supposed to be, but it is not actually there for me to click.  What is wrong with the game, and how can I fix this problem??? It is very frustrating!!!

He can join my game.  I can select the difficulty level, and whether I want movies on or off, but thats it.  The start button doesn't appear.  What is wrong?

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Ok, a search (not that they are easy to perform) might have popped up a thread where someone asked a similar question. I remember it well, like it was only yesterday...

The conclusion was that Co-Op works on XWIS server and I cannot remember if it worked on RA's server, and seeing as XWIS is available you may as well use that. I know when I did Co-Op on XWIS it took AGES to get to the Start button bit, and sometimes I gave up thinking it crashed but it was simply doing something in the background (connecting maybe ?).

Persevere and see if it works after a good 5-10 mins, just once, to be sure..

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