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windows xp instal problem


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OK so I've read through a ton of posts and still haven't seen one that exactly matches my problem......OK when i try and install emperor on my laptop (win xp pro, 120g hd, 1024 mem, 2.0 MHz processor)it gets to exactly 64% and fails on the I001.bik file. The disk is in perfect condition so i know its not that. Any help anyone can give me would be greatly appreciated...

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Dude, please confirm for me that it is certainly not the CD by using cdcheck (google for it) and then you can be certain. Also, you can follow the instructions on the installfix patch to try to get around this as it involves copying stuff tot he HD and might not need to read that file from your CD (although if the CD is scratched in the end, it will not matter).

I am going along the lines of "it might be a scratched disk" because this is what it tends to be in these kinds of problems. If CD check comes back ok, then we can try to think of something else. If it isnt ok, then you may need to get hold of another install CD (buy one, borrow one or beg one).

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