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Lost my prospectors...

The Phantom

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Hey everyone,

I've finished Dune about 10 times, but this has never happened to me before. Apparently I've somehow managed to lose my Prospector Troop...:(

I think they may have been in a sietch when it was attacked or something. Now when I click Find Prospectors, it points me to a different troop with a different face, which is a normal spice-mining troop.

The big problem is that I have now run out of spice and without prospectors to prospect the fortresses I conquer or the new sietches I discover, I can't get any more...

Any help would be appreciated!



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Mmmmh, this thing has never happened to me during the several times I've finished the game... Only one time I forgot my prospecting troop in a sietch that was then attacked by the Harkonnens, but a vision warned me about it (in particular, about the presence of the prospetors), so I moved them to another sietch. Unfortunately, I don't think there is a way to regain them if they have been captured... Maybe reconquering the fortress, but I'm not sure.


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:O Yo dude first of all you gotta keep a keen eye on your prospectors altough they turn out to be quite irritating hehe so be careful as soon as u get the message the seitches r under attck the first rroop if there u should take away r the prospectors.....

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I did already win back that fortress and turn it back into that sietch. But the prospectors are nowhere to be found

When the prospectors are in a sietch that happens to be attacked by harkonnen troops they  turn red trying to defend the sietch. When you get the vision that they are under attack, you must quickly move them to another place before the few 400 men are gone or captured. Probably the prospectors have turned to soldiers after the attack and you must convert them to spice experts again. Didn`t try this myself, but whenever my "yellow" spice troops are getting attacked they turn to soldiers.

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