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problem with bink movies


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I have a peculiar problem in that if any movie gets played then emp just freezes, locking the entire computer (I narrowed it down to the movie files because deactivating them (ie renaming the files) allows the game to run normally whereas enabling them locks up upon game start-up or if any movie gets played (like the campaign movies it loads from disk))

I'm running xp pro sp2, athlon64 4000+, geforce 8800GTX (I had the same problem on my 6800)

oh, it starts playing the video's sound then hangs

I've tried using a binkw32.dll from a game where I don't have any trouble with the movies but to no avail

any ideas?

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This might sound silly, but you actually want to watch the movies ?  :-

You have reinstalled the game and disabled antivirus and all the usual stuff ?

reinstalled a few times, and tried patched, unpatched, with and without active antivirus, to no avail

the problem is that starting the campaign loads a couple of movies from the cd (can't start the campaign without said cd in the drive)

playing skirmish or online isn't a problem, but I'd like to play the campaign again

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