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Ideal Dune movie research


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Hi Dune fans from the whole Terra!

I think that at least once you have seen topics like

"Your ideal Dune movie" etc.

Now I have decided to gather Your opinions, and present them on DunaCon which will be held in

Chotebor,Czech republic 29/6-2/7 2007(You can also visit this little con,we will be very glad to see You there,go to www.festivalfantazie.cz for details)

What I need from You? Here is list of Dune characters,please type Your ideal cast for this character,first actor form present time,second You can combine actors from past and present to make really "ideal movie".

(E.g.: Gurney Halleck:Ron Perlman / Yul Brynner.In this second choice You can type actors which actually can never meet each other,e.g. Haley Joel Osment as someone and Yul Brynner as someone else,altrough it is impossible to have movie with both:)

Then please answer few more opinions about this fictional movie and Dune movies existing so far.Feel free to type Your opinions and ideas about everything connected with Duniverse,I

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Okay, but without actors becouse I don't know many of them. I am not actors man whore...

Your most and least favourite thing about Dune by David Lynch,what was there good and what bad: Least? Worms. They look like worms from the ground, very unnatural. Good? Atmosphere! Lynch's Dune was great becouse there WERE Dune climat.

Your most and least favourite thing about Dune by Sci-fi channel,what was there good and what bad: Least? Clothes. They were rediculous. It ruined my view on Dune. And good? It was very close to the book.

What should be in really good Dune movie: This what was cut from Lynch' Dune: Fremen, more Fremen. Normal clothes and should be really close to the book.

What shouldn

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