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News : 18 November 2006


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Hello all,

As you might know, i am fully working on my Intel Mac right now. And i have also downloaded the source. I try to compile the source, but it brings a lot of trouble with it. I do get far, but not far enough.

However, compiling Allegro and such works fine, and since D2Tm is in the middle of rewriting (check out the SVN) its kinda hard to test it all will work on Mac.

There is a slight chance i will rewrite a lot of portions from scratch and completely replace the source with it on SVN. The only help i need then is to get it working on windows, but hey, that won't be taking sweat once you're entering the world of *nix variants.

I do lack a lot of time, but i also find it more and more fun to spend longer nights on the computer. If i don't watch the clock i code 16 hours a day, which is around 10 for work and the others for myself. Leaving, almost no time to sleep. So its a bad habbit i need to stop.

Anyway, just letting you know its not dead, no way, it will be dead when i say so!

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