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Colossal ridiculity is Harkonnen!

Big D

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I played as Ordos and had to capture an abandoned refinery, wich I did.

In the next defending level, I was suddenly attacked by 8+ level 3 devastators, being air-dropped in.

... They obliterated my buildings. In none of the previous missions did I lose any buildings.

Having one's buildings wiped away like that in that brutal fashion infuriates me.

So, I obliterated the Harkonnen base on Arrakis later on, and lasertanked their palace on Giede Prime to the ground.

But that vengeance does not make me feel satisfied.

Instead that the Ordos give me 200+ aatroopers in that mission, so I can destroy those devastators, but noooo.

I am eager for revenge.

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lol it's the way it's meant to be... you can't change that and beat the dev-drop in that level.

that's why the mentat tells you that there is a 2nd base in that area.

so here's what you do right at the start of that level: move all units to the other base, sell all buildings just right in time before the devs are being dropped and build up the other base. very simple...

and no buildings are being destroyed either - because you have sold them all. so you can't even be angry about the dev drop then.

and the devs will destroy themselves, no matter if there's a base or not...

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True and not true at the same time.

For although I can move the units and sell the buildings.

The very necessity to do that "alone" makes me feel like the dev drop wins.

This is about conquering regions, not backing off for some silly dev drop...

But you're right.

Heh. I'm too perfectionistic. *slaps self*

Of course, I did it over, and showed them the futility of their ways. :P

Too bad there isn't a Baron unit that pops out of the palace on Giedi Prime, when you destroy it.

I'd take much pleasure in killing him with chemical troopers. kekekeke

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you can also not play the mission BEFORE the dev drop (capturing and reactivating the hark ref)  - then there is no dev drop after all in the next mission. there are so many ways to play this game to the end... I have played EVERY possible mission with house ordos  ;D (played many hark missions too but not all of them, and I don't like atreides at all so I played the less with them).

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You are entirely correct.

(off topic) How does one pick their house?

I think the Ordos are generally the best. Fast healing units that are reasonably cheap. Good rushing with lasertanks and dusties. But there seems to be more to a house than sheer technology. >>

I seem to be in a cycle, changing houses every few days/weeks. But never finding myself able to just choose one.

... Colossal ridiculity is indecision.

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