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Back to desktop when starting the game (still not solved)


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P4 3GHz HT

RAM: 512 MB

OS: Windows 2000 pro

Video: GForce FX 5200

AntiVirus: NOD32


When I am starting the game, the black screen appears for few seconds and it comes back to desktop.


1. Reinstalled the game for few times

2. Upgrade windows

3. Updated forceware and omega drivers

4. I have turned of anisotropic filtering and antialiasing

5. I have tried to delete emperior.dat, reinstall the game, patch it

6. I have lowered slides by 1 and 2 levels in Conrtrol Pannel -> Display -> Settings -> Advance -> Troubleshooting

7. I have tried to add some triggers in shortcut:

a) +W

b) –W


d) –C

8. After install, not to try to launch the game, but restart and try to launch 

9. EMPENGINSTFIX10.ZIP (Tried to insert the disk to the lowest letter CD drive, copy the setup folder to my desktop from the CD, replace it with the setup.exe included to the archive, install the game from the setup folder on my desktop, copy the emperior.exe from the archive to the emperior directory replacing the old one (didn’t help), then tried to patch with 1.09 patch). Also didn’t help.

10. Tried to change resolution and colour amount – didn’t help

11. Old drivers

Please give me some more solutions.

HELP! :'(

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You sure as heck are not emp'd...

Unfortunately I cant think what it could be from a logical point of view, but you could try randomly replacing drivers with other versions. Unfortunately it seems the strangest things can effect emp  :-.

Thank You for your help and patience. At least for try.

I will try more drivers, maby another windows versions. Maybe I should contact my video card mabufacturer and they could suggest something.

I've loved playing dune2000, it's so pity that emp can't run

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