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Basically, when I try to play online campaign mode with other people, the connection is okay, and the initial harkonnen video plays, after this, the 'Handshake Failed' message always appears. I have tried turning vids off, and it is th same problem when the connecting screen is displayed for the start of an online co-op campaign. With the PC I'm trying to play with, if he hosts the campaign, it tells me I cannot join, this could be a connection issue due to this. But he has disabled Norton and ZoneAlarm, and made sure port 3840 is open (which is the emp port? :/) so this shouldn't be an issue. We can play deathmatch mode fine on the RA server as well, whether either of us hosts, so perhaps this shows there is no connection problem?

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I don't know if it will help, but Emp uses other ports as well. I cant remember which they are (something in the 7000 range) just do a search here and you will find a post about it. I also don't know if it matters in campaign, but are either of you using appolyons ai patch? If so, you both should have it. That messed us up once in online games vs AI. I also thought I remembered reading here that just disabeling Norton wont work. You can try AVG instead. It's free and works well. I use Zone Alarm and never had a problem, just enable Game Mode so all alerts are answered with a yes, otherwise it won't let you connect sometimes.

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