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Dune 2000 LAN Game Problem (I know another one.. please HELP!)


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Hey guys, congrats for this board and site!

To my problem:

I decided to play dune2000 against my oldman, i have two PC's networked through a Home lan created by winxp (on my PC)

So after much reading of many problems some guys had over this board i tried to do it!

My pc has WinXP on it my dad's has Win98 SE

I installed the IPX/SPX on both computers de-activated the windows firewall my dad has no firewall

I Turned that 802.2 thing on, i experimented with various network adresses such as "00000001"'s and "10000000"'s and windows defaults

Both Computers can exchange files and resources we both can see each others computer through windows!

I have updated both games version with latest patches (1.06)

I've done almost anything.. but when we click on "LAN" in game we cant see each other.. im driving crazy with this thing... ???

Anyone got any tips?

Thanks in advance

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Hahaha that is so ironic, my son and I are trying to do the same thing, i used to play back in 98 i guess it was , and havent for a while. I decided my son and i should tear it up a bit but have had no luck in hubbing them together. I am currentlty trying just to play it online in the forum so as he can as well, but i cant connect i go into internet then connect then it says i have to download a patch but then it says it doesnt exsist, so i went on another site and downloaded it from there, but it still doesnt work, i just want to play it online, then i can at least find him and play him

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