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Are you prescient enough?

Are you mentat material?

Do you have a shovel?


In only four days, the mentat of mentats will extract his revenge in a way only befitting a mentat.


Coming only to the Landsraad this Friday November 9th!

Be sure you are a Landsraad member as this online event is exclusive to Landsraad members!


Now with over 2200 pictures, and over 1600 being Dune related, perhaps the most Dune pix in cyberspace!

Joining is free and easy and guarantees you a first class heighliner ticket to this very exclusive Dune event!

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Less Than 48 hours until this exclusive online Dune event!

Do you know your Dune?

Prove it by taking part in the

"Revenge of the Maniacal Mentat"

this Friday on the Landsraad!

Only members will get the heighliner ticket to fold space to this exclusive online Dune event!


Joining is free and easy!

... better bring some sapho ...

Leave your semuta at home.

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Okay I checked. You are not pending ... you still need to join.

go to the join now page and follow the instructions there ...

make sure you sign in and then it will tell you the managers will have to accept you ... which i will

What handle are trying to get in with?

Baron ...

*I won't let you down ... we will get to the bottom of this ...

post here if you have more probs!

P.S. Sometimes it takes a little while for applications to reach the managers ... but please try rejoining again and we will see ...

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Today's The Day!

Only a few hours to go!

Do you know your Dune Chronicles?

This mentat doesn't think you do.

Want to prove him wrong?

Join the 'raad today and beat the master at his own game.

Trivia game that is.


Better watch your back though.

This mentat has plans within plans ...

Better bring your sapho ...

and a swordmaster to watch your back!

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Still not too late to play ...

Game hint: The second answer is 1-16-2001

I figured that second question is a pain for those who are not long-term 'raaders!

Enjoy everyone.

Can you be among the first to sign the winner's guest book at the end of the Mentat Trivia Game?  Right now very few if any have successfully completed the trivia game. Show them all that YOU know your Dune!


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  • 3 weeks later...

Note: Don't miss out on our original "Revenge of the mentat game!" Experience it before it gets updated ...

Our updated game will have less 'raad only questions and will be more about the Dune chronicles...

Hints for non-raader's:

The 106th word of our fanfic is 'received' ...

Hope that helps you all

Click on the logo on our 'What's New" page to play the game that is causing a buzz in the online Dune community. Just remember wrong answers are meant to be entertaining as well!


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