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More pictures of Conflict of the Landsraad Mod - House Corrino (replaces Hark)


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This is some more pictures...

...including a close up of the Corrino Buzzsaw, Corrino Lion Tank and a couple of crate gift Guild Engineers with one showing the Guild Energy Weapon blast effect.

[attachment deleted by Gobalopper]

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And some more including the Corrino Lynx fighter plane taking on the Ixian Minotaur (Seige Tank), the Kraken (APC), the Chimaera Projector and the Gorgon (Trike).

Also includes the Landsraad Sub-house under attack from a band of Smugglers.

The last picture shows two Corrino Seige Tanks (based on the old HK Devastator chassis) attacking an Ixian base.

[attachment deleted by Gobalopper]

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