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Pictures Of Conflict of the Landsraad - House Ix (replaces ATR)


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And this shows that you can get a Guild Engineer from the old Sardaukar crates and that Frigates in campaigns including the Heighliner missions can now be captured to produce enemy units.

[attachment deleted by Gobalopper]

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The Ixian palace looks as if it needs some alternative textures - the Ixian walls as they are look a bit garish. Perhaps something grey, with a finish like that or the Ordos windtrap side. Though you might have to modify an existing texture if you want it to tesselate.

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I have a stainless steel that is used on the factory.

I have redone the all the buildings to fit the ixpalace in that it more matches the Research centre in using mainly the ixian wall texture as before I did have more steel.

Anyway I will look at the Palace again.

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I have looked again at the HKPalace retextured as Ix. I agree it does not work, neither do the Starport and the Outpost.

I have replaced the Outpost with the IxTower model (looks like the IxResCentre main tower) and for the IxStarport I am looking to use a cut down starport xbf model I created previously. (I wanted to use the TLFlyer as a fighter and to have a flat helipad for reloading - unfortunately as soon as you remove the Starport = true statement from Rules.txt the scanner stops rotating on the xbf model! EBFD never ceases to amaze me!)

The HKPalace I will return to House Corrino (I have a model previously tested) and switch to the ATPalace model I have that does not deploy the hawkstrike part of the building.

The model will be in Ix colours and use some AT gold colours.

The superweapons will be a free Ixian Engineer (two-three times more health than a normal engineer, and he carries a sonic weapon) plus the ability to build from the ATHanger a steathed EITS. The steathed EITS becomes a flying infiltrator as it now carries a pilot (who dies on ejection) rather than a parachuting saboteur. The explosion of the flying infiltrator though does a lot more damage than the old EITS...as infantry and guild makers can reveal it flying care must be taken if you want it to get to the target site.

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Well it has taken a month to sort out all the changes...what changes?

1)...the change to the Ixian palace (see below) meant new stealthed Ixian engineer as superweapon

2)...the change to the Ixian Outpost (see below) meant I could change the Corrino Outpost to use the freed up AT model as I was not happy with the HK model...(picture soon)

3)...the change to the Ixian Starport (see below) meant I could change the Corrino starport (picture soon) to match the new Corrino Outpost.

4)...the addition of the Ixian Stealthed Flying Infiltrator (OREITS) meant I needed to give the other sides a balancing unit:

Ordos get a flying Deviator (acts as ORADP) which appears in their homeworld defence when you attack as Ix or Co. It requires ORPalace to build from Hanger.

Corrino get a flying Sardaukar Gun Platform (HKADP) that can unstealth units at a range of 10 - the range of its quad heavy machine gun. It requires CoPalace to build from Hanger.

5)With the loss of the Corrino Bashar (old superweapon replaced with Deathhand)...I decided to drop flame tank and flame trooper as they did not really fit with Corrino theme (though I have kept the flame turret)...so I now have an APC armed with Heavy Sardaukar Machine Gun and the Corrino Bashar (top unit after Sardaukar and Elite) which has longer laser range, Anti-Aircraft and unstealth capabilities (it is more like the original IMADVSardaukar while the "Elite" unit is a cut down version)...I then dropped the Mongoose (acting as HKAssault) in favour of the "real Imperial Lion tank" again so the feel was closer to original Imperials.

6) I now had to decide what to do with the unwanted Hark flame units. I was also unhappy with the replacement of Imperials with House Harkonnen (in campaign mode I very rarely bothered to use them). So I moved Harkonnens to the SMQuad/Ixslave rebels using SMStarport for their Barracks and NoddingDonkey for Helipad (allows building of HKGunship -strongest fighter of all sides).

7) So replaced Imperials with new Mercenaries side based on old Smuggler colours which have light infantry, trike, quad and heavy tank. This meant I needed to change the Landsraad colours which were using smuggler-like textures...

8) To get Mercenary base I used the Landsraad Factory retextured (again too much effort to build Barracks and then LNfactory to get Plasma Kobra in campaigns) so moved Landsraad tanks (now including Mongoose to build from standard factory if LNBarracks present (see picture).

9) And that was about it except needed extra reinforcement unit for Corrino to stop crashes when campaign mode tried to give Corrino enemy reinforcements in mission. Unit must be worth 1 point only (Sardaukar was equal to 2 being strong unit). Created Armed Scout (stealthwhenstill) with light infantry gun that can not be built. To balance added heavy ATR unit (ATMilitia) as Royal Guard unit to match closer to Sardaukar and Ordos get a Sniper...all just arrive as reinforcement units.

Finally can get back to building icons...!

[attachment deleted by Gobalopper]

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EA and IG made Emperor:Battle for Dune, but JulesG is making a modification to the game: this thread is for screenshots from the mod-in-testing.

I'm having a litle trouble figuring out exactly what you mean as "unrealistic" and "questionable" have negative connotations, but your tone suggests you're impressed. May I ask if English is your first language?

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no its all my language if though i know 1 german word ashfart wich is drive through or parking lot

its just i thought its not real if u mean english like chap or regular english well actually it's either old or new english of course our language(new english)is slang english

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