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I actually started working on this thing in response to a request in another thread before I found out he had to do it himself for a school project. Anyway.. I have a prototype set up for a pretty dynamic (but fairly simple) data-entry program that could potentially assist in developing RTS games, and mods for RTS games (like for Emperor :)).

Right now it's just a prototype GUI (looks pretty but doesn't function). But it would be pretty quick and simple to plug everything in and make it work. The original objective was to have it save each project as an XML file, which could then be used to post on a webpage to display the nature of the units in the mod. It could potentially also be used to convert the data over to the actual files you edit to create the mod itself (or have the program save directly as such, although I was avoiding that since it would make it game-specific at that point). Anyway.. the possibilities are fairly limitless.

The programming didn't take too long, but I hate to put time into something that's just going to be thrown out, so I figured I'd check and see if anyone around here would be interested in me completing it, so they could use it at all. Of course, if you had input onto how you'ld like it to work to make it better, additional options can always be added without much effort.

So, if anyone is interested (I know you probably all have your systems worked out by now but..) let me know. You can find a couple of screenshots of the program in the thread I linked to above.

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