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Home Sweet Home, A short story(First non zombie!)


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OOC: Well here is my groundbreaking first non zombie short story(beside outpost rigle but never finished that one yet) so well here please read and review, get as detailed as you want, dont leave a "That sucked", or a "That was good" If it sucked, please tell me why. If it was good, please tell me why. Thanks guys.

Home Sweet Home   

    "You have the right to remain silent, if you give up that right, anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law ." The Miranda Rights rolled off Ryan Sharpie's tongue with the ease of constant practice. The teenager struggled against the cuffs but with his chest forced against the wall, all he succeeded in doing was aggravating the officers.

    "Oh for Christ's sake man, what the hell is this shit?" The teenager struggled; two cans of empty paint lay beside his feet, "It isn't illegal if the place is abandoned," he said defensively.

    Detective Ryan Sharpie glanced over at Scott - neither of them had any real intention of arresting the kid, they had just wanted to talk to him about the house. They were looking for something, something the kid might know.

    "You hang out here a lot punk?" Scott asked, pushing the kid against the wall.

    "Hell no, I was just tagging the outside wall. Never even been inside the fucking place, probably filled with crack heads and shit."

    "All we wanted to do was ask you a couple questions about the house. Next time, don't run." The cuffs unclicked. "Have a nice day," Scott said as stepping away.

    The kid took off, leaving the paint cans behind.

    Sunlight poured down from above; no clouds in this beautiful July day. A slight breeze rustled Ryan's wind breaker. The house looked exactly as it had when he was young. Although the roof was sagging a bit more and a few more windows were broken, it was still the same house. Memories of the past flooded into his conscious.

    He six-year-old self was outside, playing in the yard with the few toys he had. His mother stumbled down the stairs, shouting curses at passing cars for no reason. She grabbed him by the ear, and dragged him up into the house.

    "You left your god damn clothes in the bathroom, you little shit." She shouted, the smell of cheap Vodka on her breath. She grabbed a bottle of bleach from the floor and poured it over his clothes.

    "That'll teach ya, now get your ass to your room." She took another swig of vodka and staggered off.

    "Ryan? Ryan?" Scott waved his hand in front of Ryan's face.

    "What? Oh, sorry." Ryan said, looking away from the house

    "What's gotten into you man? Your usually positive and optimistic about everything, but ever since we came to this town, you're

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